Brickhill Driving School

Brickhill Driving School is a well-established driving school that has been operating in and around Bedford for over 25 years. Our focus is on providing the highest possible level of tuition to pupils, ensuring that you pass your test with the confidence,  ability and awareness needed for a lifetime of driving.

Today there are so many driving schools out there that it’s hard to know which to choose. Naturally, pupils are keen to get the best prices for their lessons, and are often tempted by discounts or special deals, but so often this results in a poor level of tuition, meaning pupils have to resit their practical exams, which is both costly and stressful.

Our aim isn’t to entice you with gimmicks, but instead to guarantee you a friendly, structured program of quality tuition that you’ll enjoy, giving you the confidence, knowledge and awareness you’ll need on the road, and in order to pass your practical exam. Despite being around for many years, our instructors aren’t old, boring or dull either – in fact, quite the opposite – and it is this unique approach to tuition (when everyone’s competing for the lowest price), that has meant year on year we’ve taught pupils based on the recommendation of friends, family and relatives – something we’re extremely proud of.

Without further ado, why not take a look around our website and find out whether we’re the right driving school for you? Our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section is a great place to start, but we also recommend reading our testimonials page so you can see what previous pupils think of our service. And finally, if you have any questions at all, simply fill out the short form on the Contact Us page (or from any other page on this website), or give us a call.